About Us

Our platform offers brands a powerful, cost effective and targeted way to create and manage authentic micro-influencer campaigns at scale.

Model Village has, over the past three years, brought together a community of 3,000+ agency signed models with highly engaged audiences. They are professionals who treat their Instagram accounts as digital portfolios and are accustomed to working with brands meaning they are pre-vetted content creators.

Working with niche influencers delivers better results. Fashion models are the second most followed accounts on Instagram. Unlike traditional influencers, micro-influencers have a more modest number of followers, typically in the tens of thousands, but they boast hyper engaged audiences. Influencers with less than 100k followers are able to deliver campaigns that are 3-4x more engaging than traditional influencers. The challenge for brands is identifying influencers, capturing their attention and executing campaigns at scale. This is where Model Village’s community, technology and expertise is uniquely placed to help.