About Us

Launched in 2016, Piccolo is the UK’s fastest growing baby food company. We are passionate that children should enjoy the healthiest and most nutritious food from the very start of their weaning journey.

Our range of 100% organic pouches are inspired by the Mediterranean approach to health and wellbeing, centred around fresh ingredients that have been lovingly prepared and shared with friends and family.

We have an unrivalled range of healthy and delicious Stage 1 and Stage 2 pouches, veg only and Pure fruit purees, and Stage 2 meals all crammed full with a wide variety of fruit and veg, hints of herbs and spices and a dash of olive oil to help encourage baby’s taste buds to learn flavour from natural means and promote a lifetime of healthy eating.

We believe in giving back and keep sustainability and provenance at the heart of our sourcing decisions. Many of our 100% organic ingredients are planted and nurtured in independent family farms across the Mediterranean.

Voted in the 30 most philanthropic businesses in the UK, we are committed to giving 10% of our profits to food education programmes, in partnership with the NCT, providing practical support around baby nutrition to parents. Based in Central London, we are a team of 8 and have a projected turnover of £4million this year.

You can find Piccolo in Waitrose, Asda, Boots, Planet Organic, Morrisons, Ocado and Whole Foods Market.