About Us

Our aim is to change the drinks industry for the better by bringing delicious, cold-pressed, raw fruit and veg drinks to the mass.

Savse was born in 2011 when our founder, Guka questioned why there was nothing like his mum, Nina’s, homemade smoothies available on the market. She had been whipping up delicious fruit and veg smoothies for 30 years, to combat her iron deficiency and sneak veggies into her children’s diets.
Guka was advised that heat pasteurisation was the only way to create the drinks he had in mind but this compromised nutrients, taste and even the colour. We believe that heating’s cheating so we use a process called HPP (high pressure processing) the most innovative preservation technique on the market. This means we never add sugar, flavours, colours, additives, or even water – we’re ‘Crammed Full of Goodness’, that’s what Savse means from back home in Georgia.