About Us

The Plum Guide is the curated Airbnb.

We handpick the top 1% of spaces in every city, using a mix of algorithms and physical visits by our community of hospitality experts. Customers love it, because we have removed the hit and miss nature of the sharing economy. Hosts love it, because they see us as the Michelin guide of the sharing economy: a desirable status badge.

Our ambition is to be to Airbnb, what Etsy is to Ebay.

We have just launched our beta platform, which you can find at www.plumguide.com.

We are only six months old. There are five of us working together out of a warehouse conversion in Shoreditch. The founding team has previously founded, scaled and sold a multi-million pound digital business. They have consulted for Twitter, Spotify, Hilton, Sony Music and Samsung. They have held leadership positions in a unicorn marketplace. Our investors include the founders of Secret Escapes and Albion.