About Us

WatchFit is a thorough, comprehensive and continuously expanding resource and information hub dedicated to fitness, health and nutrition. It is a dynamic evolving online library of up-to-the-minute exclusive material written by experts from all over the world.
A minimum of five new articles are published every day on WatchFit’s global platform. Each one supplied by an approved and qualified expert and authority in subjects encompassing the widest matters of health, fitness, nutrition, diet, wellbeing and lifestyle.
Every article is new, exclusive and fresh from the standpoint of a qualified professional. Current, cutting edge subjects are discussed and the latest thinking in training techniques, nutritional programmes and therapies are provided exclusively.
These are the latest thoughts, observations, advice and teaching from the best instructors, coaches, athletes, academics and scientists. Among them are Olympic gold medallists, authors, TV presenters, lecturers, examiners, elite sports coaches, fitness champions and internationally renowned leaders in their field. All of them certain to provide fabulous insight, encyclopaedic expertise and an entertaining read every time.
We operate through offices in different parts of the world but our headquarters are based London, UK.