The benefits of work experience

The benefits of work experience

Hanif Ahmed spent time with the Marketing team at PageGroup and had some reflections on why work experience is important, how to get the most out of your time and taking the opportunity to learn things they don’t teach in the classroom.
As a young student growing up and thinking about entering the world of work, you may come to learn that money is the motive at the end of your studies, whatever industry you want to work in. This can be one of the reasons that many students disregard the thought of taking on work experience, as they tend to think it’s not worth their time because they may not be paid for it. While there may not be money involved with many work placements, there are still many benefits to be claimed from the experience.

The Benefits 

The benefits you can gain from work experience are vast, and they vary depending upon where you take your work experience. You can learn practicalities about the day-to-day world of work in your chosen industry and decide if it’s for you. No matter what work you are doing, the overall benefits you gain over any work experience are the same. For example, from any work experience you can learn professionalism, you learn that at work you always have to be at your best, trying your hardest to create the best output you can every day. 

How to approach it

To get the best out of your work experience, you should go into your place of work with a strong work ethic, with a working mind-set, a clear intention to do the best you can and create a good output every day. Be proactive, be on time, be enthusiastic and have an eagerness to learn and take tasks on. When tasks are given to you, try to complete them to the best of your ability, don’t try to do the bare minimum but try to take that extra leap and do more than what is asked of you.  

Don’t waste the chance

There are ways you could go about doing your work experience, you could be really lazy and unenthusiastic, or you could be late every day and bring a bad work ethic. There will be no consequences apart from the fact that you will have wasted your time and missed the chance to get the best out of the work experience. To gain the best out of your work experience, approach every day with enthusiasm and give your best. If you go into your place of work baring all of this in mind, you may even be offered a job if they believe you are right for it.

My work experience

I can tell you that from my work experience in marketing and public relations at PageGroup I have gained a lot of knowledge and benefitted from it. I’ve been involved in team content meetings and team tasks such as helping to update the Michael Page website and writing tweets for the Page Talent twitter platform. I also created an annual event calendar for the social media team. Taking on these tasks have given me experience in seeing and getting involved in the day-to-day of business marketing and an idea of what a career in marketing would be like.
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