Five things to avoid in an interview

This might be the first time you’ve interviewed for a job and it can be intimidating, but fear not; if you prepare well and avoid these mistakes you will be fine. Making a good impression on the interviewer is usually the difference between being considered for the role and being cut out of the process. 
Aside from the obvious, such as arriving on time, being appropriately dressed and not using slang or profanities; there are a few things to remember during your interview. Your attitude and body language should reflect your interest in the role, the organisation and the interviewer.
Here are five examples of things to avoid in an interview:

1. Leaving your phone on

Always double and triple check you’ve switched your mobile off, including any alarms that ring out even if you’ve powered down. Worrying you might miss a friend’s call or text does not show your commitment to the interview.

2. Showing a lack of interest in the company

There are no excuses for not conducting any research on the organisation before your interview. You should know their service back to front and be aware of any issues that their industry might be facing.

3. Saying that you have no weaknesses

Telling your interviewer you have no weaknesses is practically the same as saying you’re perfect. Chances are you’re not. This question will almost certainly come up, so prepare an answer beforehand that puts a positive spin on your weakness or is a weakness that doesn’t relate to the role.

4. Asking for time off

The interview is not the time to discuss this. If you have a holiday booked or an important event to attend you can bring this up as part of your negotiations if an offer is made.

5. Not asking any relevant questions at the end

Part of your interview preparation should have been deciding what you wanted to know about the role or organisation that might not come up in the interview. Even if your questions have already been covered, asking the interviewer to clarify or go into more detail will show your interest.
Topics of conversation to avoid (unless interviewing for a related post) include discussing your religious and political affiliations. Your interviewer might find it inappropriate, or worse offensive. Use your common sense and be respectful during your interview. You should be able to avoid any mistakes.
Before going to your interview ensure that you have read through all of our interview tips and are fully prepared.