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Barclays Foundation Apprenticeships

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Key Selling Bullet Point 1

  • No qualifications necessary
  • Working in a real role in our retail bank

About us

Whether  you  join  our  Foundation  or  our  Higher  programme,  you’ll  be  starting  a  career  with  Barclays:  one  of  the  world’s  leading  consumer,  corporate  and  investment  banks.  Our  two  home  markets  are  the  UK  and  US,  but  we  operate  in  over  40  countries,  employing  around  140,000  people  worldwide.  We’ve  got  over  325  years  of  experience  in  banking,  and  we  invest  in  our  apprentices  as  the  future  of  that  business.  After  all  –  they’re  not  your  average  apprentices.

Why work for us

Let’s  talk  myths  –  and  how  to  bust  them.  When  it  comes  to  apprenticeships,  we’ve  heard  it  all.  They’re  not  real  work.  They  don’t  pay.  They’re  only  for  certain  kinds  of  people.  And  here’s  the  biggest  myth  of  all  -  they’re  not  for  someone  like  me.  

Well,  we’ve  got  news:  Barclays  Apprenticeships  are  for  everyone.  You  might  be  16  or  55.  School  leaver  or  returning  parent.  A  few  qualifications  in  your  pocket,  or  none  at  all.  Whoever  you  are,  whatever  your  background,  this  is  the  chance  to  get  new  qualifications  and  move  forward  with  us.

What  could  my  future  look  like  with  you?

We  invest  a  lot  in  our  apprentices,  and  we  want  to  hold  onto  all  the  talent  we  find.  That  means  every  programme  we  offer  -  from  Traineeships  to  Foundation  Apprenticeships  to  Higher  Apprenticeships  –  is  just  one  step  on  your  journey.  You  might  finish  one  programme  and  start  on  the  next  –  or  go  straight  into  a  full  time  role  with  us.  What  you  achieve  is  up  to  you.    

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Job Description

What’s  involved  in  the  programme?

When  you  start,  you’ll  spend  between  12  and  24  months  on  the  Foundation  programme,  working  in  a  real  role  within  our  bank.  Over  that  time,  you’ll  have  our  full  support  to  grow  both  as  a  professional  and  as  a  person.  Together  with  on-the-job  training,  you’ll  study  towards  an  A-level  equivalent  qualification.  Dedicated  mentors  will  look  after  you  at  every  step,  and  you’ll  grow  both  your  confidence  and  your  career.    

Key  facts:

-  No  qualifications  necessary
-  Pre-interview  training
-  12-24  month  programme
-  Working  in  a  real  role  in  our  retail  bank
-  Support  to  study  for  an  A-Level  (or  equivalent)
-  Dedicated  mentors  at  every  step
-  Next  steps:  Advanced  Apprenticeships  or  full-time  roles.

The Successful Applicant

What  are  we  looking  for?

Anyone  can  be  our  apprentice,  but  with  our  net  cast  so  wide,  what  exactly  are  we  looking  for?  Just  one  thing  –  potential.  You  don’t  need  any  experience  at  all,  but  we  want  to  see  that  you’ll  grab  every  opportunity  that  comes  your  way.  It’s  a  certain  kind  of  spark,  and  we  know  it  when  we  see  it  –  even  if  you  don’t  know  you  have  it.    

Applications  are  open  all  year  round  

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What's on Offer

The  programme  offers  a  competitive  starting  salary  alongside  a  discretionary  bonus  if  you  successfully  complete  the  qualification.