Knowing how to get there

Whether or not you have decided what you want to do, it’s still a good idea to consider your next steps now and the opportunities that can open up with different career journeys. The decisions you make during your education can shape your future career – starting with the subject options you choose for your GCSEs. 
You might have your heart settled on becoming a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher, which all have a very clear route from school, to university to practice. But many people don’t decide what career they will go into until they have a qualification and some experience under their belt. Did you know that some apprenticeships give you the same qualification level as a foundation degree? Applied courses are often a better way of learning if you don’t enjoy an academic environment. 
Find the best route for higher education for you with the resources below.
Talk to a family member, friend or a teacher if you are worried about deciding what options to take. The National Careers Service can also offer support by phone, email, web chat and text between 8am – 10pm daily. Visit their website for more details: