Why work for us?

A CIPFA chartered public finance qualification puts you at the forefront for top public finance jobs around the globe.

Want a leading finance and accountancy role across the public and private sectors? A CIPFA qualification gives you the industry recognition and skills you need to plan public service delivery and to commission major providers. Chartered Public Finance Accountants work across the globe in a wide range of organisations and are recognised worldwide as public financial management leaders.

CIPFA has been supporting the development of young people into public financial management careers for many years, including running our own programme of bespoke apprenticeship trainee placements, under the CIPFA Accountancy Apprenticeship scheme.

For the past four years, CIPFA has pioneered a trainee placement scheme, where the Institute has directly employed suitable candidates and placed them with organisations for approximately one year whilst they work in a trainee capacity and undertake an AAT Level 4 qualification.

Our partner organisations have contracted with CIPFA for the placement of the trainees as working apprentices within the organisation, with CIPFA acting as the contracted employer of the trainee.

In addition, some employers have chosen to act directly as the employer of any trainees, placing them with CIPFA for their Level 4 training and qualification.

Under the new system, we anticipate that many employers in England will wish to work under this latter model, directly employing any apprentices, in order to leverage funding through the Levy.

We will therefore continue to offer AAT Level 2, 3 and 4 training to support this.

Outside of England, the application of the Levy looks likely to differ, so for those employers who wish to continue with the existing ‘placed’ arrangements, we are more than happy to discuss specific requirements.