About Us

Concentra is a business consultancy and technology company – a hybrid that is breaking new ground in defining a market space that offers traditional management consultancy fused with innovative technology expertise. Our unique combination of skills enables us to provide customers with world-class problem solving through advanced analytics and the ability to design, build and deploy customised products and services that provide efficiencies, drive collaborative working practices and deliver competitive advantage.

We work for some of the most well respected brands and trusted public organisations within the UK and our fast growth and industry recognition through a raft of awards is testament to the quality and professionalism of our work.

Our business, analytics and technology experts make extraordinary information tools which give organisations new ways to drive faster and better insights, performance and competitive advantage, every day. We build solutions for some of the best known brands across a range of industries. We use the latest technologies including our own revolutionary products.

Our people are our edge. Everyone here is a problem-solver through design, development, implementation and support. Our unique teams are driven by a desire to innovate and disrupt current ways of working to transform organisations, and even whole industries.