About Us

Emerge Education is Europe's leading education technology accelerator, based in London.

We see that technology has the potential to create massive efficiency gains in the education industry, which will in turn lead to the creation of enormously successful companies.

We invest our money, time and network into education technology companies we think have the ability to impact millions of lives in a ten-year timeframe, in exchange for a share in their success. Our uniqueness lies in our extensive knowledge, experience and network across the education industry, which in turn help us attract the best entrepreneurs and achieve the best returns. We measure our success by the scale of the impact our companies create.

We track 1000s of educational technology startups across the world. From these thousands, we select about a dozen with the greatest potential, we offer them a financial investment and a place on our 14 week accelerator programme.

The accelerator provides access to schools and universities who are ready to test new products, to serial entrepreneurs and investors who are committed to providing regular and relevant expertise and coaching, and to senior leaders across the education industry eager to build partnerships with our startups. The programme is designed to address the specific needs of edtech startups and is of significant value to any business trying to break-through in the education market.