Guide to writing a job advert

When posting a job advert on this site please include the following information:
  • Title of the job
  • Which function or team the role sits in within the organisation
  • Who the role reports to, and other key interactions
  • Key areas of responsibility and the deliverables expected
  • Required education and training
  • Soft skills and personality traits necessary to excel
  • Location of the role and any travel requirements
  • Remuneration range and the benefits available
  • Convey your organisation’s culture and identity
Make it easy to understand how to apply for the role, explaining exactly what an application should include. Please bear in mind that some students may not have applied for a job before. Please post a separate job advert for each location and each function so it’s clear to the student before applying where the role is based geographically and organisationally.  
Please avoid the following when posting your job advert:
  • Using discriminatory language: Although frequently inadvertent, the use of certain words and phrases in a job description can be construed as discriminatory and discrimination is against the law. Some examples of words that you cannot use are young, youthful, energetic, able bodied, recent graduate, school leaver and mature. For further guidance on this check out the legal requirements on the Business Link website.
  • Using internal or industry jargon:  Remember your audience and use terms that student’s will be familiar with. 
  • Being unrealistic: A job advert should be an accurate representation of what is required to perform the role, not an impossible wish list of every skill that may come in useful.
If you experience problems posting your job advert please contact us for assistance. Please note this email account is manned Mon-Fri during normal office hours.